class wfPage { const PAGE_DASHBOARD = 'dashboard'; const PAGE_DASHBOARD_OPTIONS = 'dashboard-options'; const PAGE_FIREWALL = 'firewall'; const PAGE_FIREWALL_OPTIONS = 'firewall-options'; const PAGE_BLOCKING = 'blocking'; const PAGE_BLOCKING_OPTIONS = 'blocking-options'; const PAGE_SCAN = 'scan'; const PAGE_SCAN_OPTIONS = 'scan-options'; const PAGE_TOOLS_2FA = 'tools-2fa'; const PAGE_TOOLS_LIVE_TRAFFIC = 'tools-2fa'; const PAGE_TOOLS_COMMENT_SPAM = 'tools-comment-spam'; const PAGE_TOOLS_WHOIS = 'tools-whois'; const PAGE_TOOLS_DIAGNOSTICS = 'tools-diagnostics'; const PAGE_SUPPORT = 'support'; /** @var string */ private $_identifier; /** * Provides validation for a user-provided page identifier. * * @param string $identifier * @return bool */ public static function isValidPage($identifier) { switch ($identifier) { case self::PAGE_DASHBOARD: case self::PAGE_DASHBOARD_OPTIONS: case self::PAGE_FIREWALL: case self::PAGE_FIREWALL_OPTIONS: case self::PAGE_BLOCKING: case self::PAGE_BLOCKING_OPTIONS: case self::PAGE_SCAN: case self::PAGE_SCAN_OPTIONS: case self::PAGE_TOOLS_2FA: case self::PAGE_TOOLS_LIVE_TRAFFIC: case self::PAGE_TOOLS_COMMENT_SPAM: case self::PAGE_TOOLS_WHOIS: case self::PAGE_TOOLS_DIAGNOSTICS: case self::PAGE_SUPPORT: return true; } return false; } /** * Convenience function for returning the user-displayable label for the given page. * * @param string $identifier * @return bool|string */ public static function pageLabel($identifier) { $page = new wfPage($identifier); return $page->label(); } /** * Convenience function for returning the canonical URL for the given page. * * @param string $identifier * @param string|bool $source The source page identifier to append to the URL if wanted. * @return string */ public static function pageURL($identifier, $source = false) { $page = new wfPage($identifier); return $page->url($source); } public function __construct($identifier) { $this->_identifier = $identifier; } public function __get($key) { switch ($key) { case 'identifier': return $this->_identifier; } throw new OutOfBoundsException("{$key} is not a valid property"); } public function __isset($key) { switch ($key) { case 'identifier': return true; } return false; } /** * Returns the user-displayable label for the page. * * @return bool|string */ public function label() { switch ($this->identifier) { case self::PAGE_DASHBOARD: return __('Dashboard', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_DASHBOARD_OPTIONS: return __('Global Options', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_FIREWALL: return __('Firewall', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_FIREWALL_OPTIONS: return __('Firewall Options', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_BLOCKING: return __('Blocking', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_BLOCKING_OPTIONS: return __('Blocking Options', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_SCAN: return __('Scan', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_SCAN_OPTIONS: return __('Scan Options', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_2FA: return __('Two Factor Authentication', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_LIVE_TRAFFIC: return __('Live Traffic', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_COMMENT_SPAM: return __('Comment Spam Filter', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_WHOIS: return __('Whois Lookup', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_DIAGNOSTICS: return __('Diagnostics', 'wordfence'); case self::PAGE_SUPPORT: return __('Support', 'wordfence'); } return false; } /** * Returns the canonical URL for the page. * * @param string|bool $source The source page identifier to append to the URL if wanted. * @return string */ public function url($source = false) { $page = ''; $subpage = ''; $hash = ''; switch ($this->identifier) { case self::PAGE_DASHBOARD: $page = 'Wordfence'; break; case self::PAGE_DASHBOARD_OPTIONS: $page = 'Wordfence'; $subpage = 'global_options'; break; case self::PAGE_FIREWALL: $page = 'WordfenceWAF'; break; case self::PAGE_FIREWALL_OPTIONS: $page = 'WordfenceWAF'; $subpage = 'waf_options'; break; case self::PAGE_BLOCKING: $page = 'WordfenceWAF'; $hash = '#top#blocking'; break; case self::PAGE_BLOCKING_OPTIONS: $page = 'WordfenceWAF'; $subpage = 'blocking_options'; break; case self::PAGE_SCAN: $page = 'WordfenceScan'; break; case self::PAGE_SCAN_OPTIONS: $page = 'WordfenceScan'; $subpage = 'scan_options'; break; case self::PAGE_TOOLS_2FA: $page = 'WordfenceTools'; $subpage = 'twofactor'; break; case self::PAGE_TOOLS_LIVE_TRAFFIC: $page = 'WordfenceTools'; $subpage = 'livetraffic'; break; case self::PAGE_TOOLS_COMMENT_SPAM: $page = 'WordfenceTools'; $subpage = 'commentspam'; break; case self::PAGE_TOOLS_WHOIS: $page = 'WordfenceTools'; $subpage = 'whois'; break; case self::PAGE_TOOLS_DIAGNOSTICS: $page = 'WordfenceTools'; $subpage = 'diagnostics'; break; case self::PAGE_SUPPORT: $page = 'WordfenceSupport'; break; } $baseURL = 'admin.php?'; $baseURL .= 'page=' . rawurlencode($page); if (!empty($subpage)) { $baseURL .= '&subpage=' . rawurlencode($subpage); } if (self::isValidPage($source)) { $baseURL .= '&source=' . rawurlencode($source); } if (!empty($hash)) { $baseURL .= $this->_hashURLEncode($hash); } if (function_exists('network_admin_url') && is_multisite()) { return network_admin_url($baseURL); } return admin_url($baseURL); } /** * Splits a URI hash component and URL-encodes its members. * * @param string $hash * @return string */ private function _hashURLEncode($hash) { $components = explode('#', $hash); foreach ($components as &$c) { $c = rawurlencode($c); } return implode('#', $components); } /** * Returns an ordered array of the pages required to reach this page, this page being the last entry in the array. * * @return array */ public function breadcrumbs() { switch ($this->identifier) { case self::PAGE_DASHBOARD: return array($this); case self::PAGE_DASHBOARD_OPTIONS: return array(new wfPage(wfPage::PAGE_DASHBOARD), $this); case self::PAGE_FIREWALL: return array($this); case self::PAGE_FIREWALL_OPTIONS: return array(new wfPage(wfPage::PAGE_FIREWALL), $this); case self::PAGE_BLOCKING: return array($this); case self::PAGE_BLOCKING_OPTIONS: return array(new wfPage(wfPage::PAGE_BLOCKING), $this); case self::PAGE_SCAN: return array($this); case self::PAGE_SCAN_OPTIONS: return array(new wfPage(wfPage::PAGE_SCAN), $this); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_2FA: return array($this); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_LIVE_TRAFFIC: return array($this); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_COMMENT_SPAM: return array($this); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_WHOIS: return array($this); case self::PAGE_TOOLS_DIAGNOSTICS: return array($this); case self::PAGE_SUPPORT: return array($this); } return array(); } } The Vacation Station

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Top reasons to book with The Vacation Station?

  • An industry leader since 1977
  • Huge choice of tours and destinations
  • One stop shop for your active vacation: airfare, rental cars, transfers, accommodation, guides, ski or bike rentals, lift passes, ski lessons, travel insurance and other concierge services
  • We cater to individuals, families, groups and companies
  • Knowledgeable staff